• Balancing and alignment

    of fans / ventilators / blowers.

Operational balancing

Here the procedure is carried out directly on the running rotor - there is no need for a balancing bench. This enables rotors on machines to be balanced in the installed state without dismantling. Operational balancing uses vibration measurements and the placement of defined unbalance sample masses to indirectly remove the existing unbalance.

(Hardware - Adash A3000 Pro)

Vibration analyses

Vibration analyses on machines and systems as well as operational balancing are an important part of any maintenance plan (reliability plan) and ensure increased operational safety. The route-based condition monitoring of machines and systems is essential in this context, this is known as condition monitoring. With sophisticated testing technology, wear and tear and occurring faults are detected at an early stage before machine failures occur, and failures can thus be avoided to a certain extent.

Drive couplings of various types are aligned according to the respective manufacturer's tolerances. Whether pumps, fans or other shaft drives, the highest precision is guaranteed by the Easy-Laser® shaft alignment system XT440.

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