• Maintenance and service of filter systems and fans

    in the wood, stone & earth, flue gas and metal sectors.

Your extraction and filter systems must function one hundred percent correctly in daily use to avoid production downtimes. With our servicing and maintenance, we will ensure that your system remains functional, or quickly restore its operational readiness in the event of an unforeseen problem. At the same time, our commitment will also ensure that you meet the requirements of the Employee Protection Ordinance.

We repair and maintain all ventilation systems - independent of manufacturer!

Maintenance of filters and extraction systems (overview)

Inspection of the steel structure:

  • Corrosion
  • Damage
  • Defects

Inspection of the connected piping and return air ducting including:

  • Pendulum and check valves
  • Fire dampers

Inspection of the filter raw gas area:

  • Filter media (hoses, cartridges - condition, installation etc.)
  • Sensor technology (level indicator, rotation monitoring etc.)
  • Baffle plates
  • Filter interior (deposits, corrosion
  • Discharge elements (wear of screw conveyors, sluices)

Inspection of the filter clean gas area:

  • Inspection and testing of the cleaning with compressed air, vibrator or purge air trolley (functioning, tightness)
  • Individual components (propulsion jet pipes, injectors and filter hoses, support cages)

Recording of all motor currents

Assessment of attached sensor technology

  • Residual dust sensors, DDMU, EX monitoring etc.

Mechanical and metrological inspection of all fans

  • Bearing analysis and vibration measurement, belt drive inspection etc.

Checking the extraction performance and creating an air volume protocol

General Maintenance Service

  • Inspection of the system for functional defects
  • Metrological inspection of the system (vibration, bearing, differential pressure etc.)
  • Functional testing of the monitoring, protection and safety devices                          
  • Visual inspection of the system for wear, leakage and damage
  • Functional testing of the electrical control system
  • Dye penetration test on impeller (FE test)
  • Lubrication service, grease and oil change
  • Filter or hose change
  • Maintenance of supply air systems

All detected defects will be discussed with the customer via report.
Repairs during maintenance can always be claimed by the customer or can be carried out in independent repair operations.

Ventilator service:

  • Replacement of shafts and motor bearings
  • Replacing the drive belts and pulleys
  • Annual grease change
  • Replacing the fan impeller
  • Housing repair

Filter components:

  • Repair of rotary valves, screw conveyors, rapping units
  • Replacement of gear motors, defective sensors, seals

Filter media:

  • Replacement of filter hoses, cartridges, bags
  • Depending on the order, monitoring of hose changes in large systems

Filter housing and installation:

  • Removal of corrosion and erosion damage
  • Replacement or renewal of grommets


Measurement services

  • Efficient vibration measurement with frequency analysis of bearings
  • Acoustic sound measurement
  • Air measurement to determine the current fan, filter or extraction capacity
  • Black light test to determine dust impacts in the filter chamber


  • Balancing of impellers (according to DIN ISO 1940)
  • Balancing of rotors and drive shafts
  • Single plane balancing - static unbalance
  • Two plane balancing - dynamic unbalance
  • Balancing protocol

Laser optical alignment

  • Alignment of machine shafts and couplings
  • State-of-the-art measuring technology with high accuracy
  • Fulfilling and recording the tolerances of the machine and coupling manufacturers


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