• Inspection according to GKV §32 & VEXAT (ATEX, dust limit values,...)

    for your (legal) security.

Attention: Legal inspection of extraction systems

Ihre Absauganlagen und sogar gewerblich genützte Industriestaubsauger sind mindestens jährlich zu Überprüfen!
Ornetsmüller Industrie Service bietet eine jährliche Inspektion Ihrer Absauganlage und eine professionelle Wartung.


The legislature requires an annual review for all extraction systems and industrial vacuum cleaners.

OIS Industrie Service carries out annual inspections for stationary extraction systems in accordance with Paragraph §82b of the Industrial Code (Gewerbeordnung), Paragraph § 16 of the Workplace Ordinance (AAV) and the Limit Value Ordinance (Grenzwerteverordnung) Paragraph § 32.

Important! Mobile industrial vacuum cleaners must also undergo an annual inspection in every commercial enterprise and on every construction site.
In particular, inspections according to GKV §32 and the electrical inspection according to ÖVE 8701 must be carried out on industrial vacuum cleaners.


Further information about explosion protection - VEXAT testing can be found e.g. on the



We are equipped with the most modern measuring devices for extraction technology and are therefore at the cutting edge of technology to guarantee you an excellent price-performance ratio.

Please call us to arrange an appointment for a professional inspection or maintenance of your extraction system.

*Not accredited: We would like to point out that we do not take the position of a state sworn expert! We only point out and record the existing plant situation.

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